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As a young 17 year old, my ambitions and goals were to just “get big”, I had no idea of how to properly train and diet. 

  • I would train every single day with no rest days 
      1. With a young arrogant mind I only thought “the more I train, the bigger I would get” this is a false reality. Training plays a big role in gaining muscle mass but with no form of recovery and nutrition all that training will go to waste. My first two years into lifting I would follow a bro split and just train as hard as I possibly could. 

    Once I started to properly follow a program and track my progress and take the rest days my body needed I started to see better results overall. 

  • No proper diet and knowledge of nutrition
      1. Nutrition is a big factor in building solid muscle mass, I unfortunately made the worst mistake by not tracking my nutrition my first year starting out. I would eat anything and everything to gain size, and this did help me to gain size but also lots of fat along the way.

    As time went on, I tried out multiple different diets to see what works best for me and this did have a negative effect toward my physique goals because I would constantly change up my eating habits and was inconsistent with my nutrition. 

    But once I started to properly diet and track my nutrition I figured out what worked best for my body and began to see the results significantly. 

  • Overtraining muscle groups 

  • As stated in 1. I would train every single day with no rest days, this resulted in me overtraining a single muscle group. 

    Ex. Chest days I would do every workout possible for my chest, this resulted in too many exercises, sets, and reps that were not necessary in order to build muscle. 

    Overtraining can cause negative effects to your muscle building capabilities, such as breaking down the body further which can cause you to also burn muscle! 

    It also causes a decline in your performance and you will not be able to break through plateaus, there is also the risk of more injuries without having a proper recovery. 

    I noticed once i did stop overtraining and put myself in a proper regime my gains skyrocketed and I was breaking through my plateaus!

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